Welcome to the syslog-ng Open Source Edition 4.6 Administration Guide. This document describes how to configure and manage syslog-ng Open Source Edition (syslog-ng OSE). Background information for the technology and concepts used by the product is also discussed.

Target audience

This guide is intended for system administrators and consultants responsible for designing and maintaining logging solutions and log centers. It is also useful for IT decision makers looking for a tool to implement centralized logging in heterogeneous environments.

The following skills and knowledge are necessary for a successful syslog-ng OSE administrator:

  • At least basic system administration knowledge.

  • An understanding of networks, TCP/IP protocols, and general network terminology.

  • Working knowledge of the UNIX or Linux operating system.

  • In-depth knowledge of the logging process of various platforms and applications.

  • An understanding of the legacy syslog (BSD-syslog) protocol and the new syslog (IETF-syslog) protocol standard.


One Identity would like to express its gratitude to the syslog-ng OSE users and the syslog-ng OSE community for their invaluable help and support.